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carton graphics and bottle and jar labels

What is packaging design?
Place a child’s scribble in a beautiful mount  and frame and it  can look like a modern masterpiece!  Similarly, as well as its intrinsic protective value, well designed packaging adds value to your product and deeply influences the way people see your product.  Graphic design transforms packaging of every kind whether applied directly  on to a container (box, carton, bag, bottle, jar etc.)  or by means of a label. It attracts attention and sets the mood as well as providing information and a desire to buy.
Why design your packaging? Do packaging graphics matter?

Packaging graphics are an essential part  your product branding and not only reinforce your identity in the market, but position your product against all competing products.  Great packaging can help ensure that customers are instantly attracted to your product and choose it off the shelf, rather than your competitors product. More often than not, we buy a product based on its attractive packaging or labelling rather than our knowledge of the quality of its contents.
What makes great packaging graphics?   
It should be distinctive and communicate your brand.
It should be eye-catching and stand out from similar products.
It should excite your target group.
It should be appropriate to the product.
It should invoke an emotional response to action.
Yvette at EYEDEAS® is experienced in designing for a wide range of packaging - from cartons for car parts, plastic bags for supermarkets, fruit trays, biscuit bags, confectionery wrappers, food labels, wine labels, labels and print design for glass and plastic  bottles, jars, bags, boxes and CD cases.  Whether you need a shop bag, a shoe box or a  medicine bottle, an apple sticker, a book sleeve or a CD jewel case, EYEDEAS™ will work with you to create the result you want to achieve.

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