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For all your graphic design needs, concept to in-hand - logo to stationery, newsletter to banner, brochure to book, presentation to packaging, contact, :

Yvette Shore


35 Duncan Road, St Andrews, Hamilton, 3200

Phone 07 849 6223

Fax 07 849 6294

Mobile 0274 802758



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If you would like to receive occasional (no more than once a month) updates from EYEDEAS® just emai me with "subscribe" in the subject line, at


Updates will be in the form of an attached pdf or jpg file and and may include information on:

• current specials - opportunities where you will be able to make great savings on your printing

• colour and style trends in print so you can always be up to date with your marketing and know if your look is still at the cutting edge or sadly out of date

• marketing ideas and tips related to printed materials and how to get the best all around value

• understanding different printing processes and what they mean to you

• new products and inspiration to help with your branding

• sustainable printing - what is available; recycled papers; environmentally friendly printing

• competitions you can enter to win all sorts of prizes

• "I've just got to pass this on" marketing images - the startling, bizzare, insane, creative and amazing from around the world

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