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Vibrant Health, Waikato Uni advertsWendy's, Hardy's adverts

Matakauri, New World adverts


What is an advertisement?
An advertisement is a notice or announcement in a public medium promoting a product or service which entices the reader to act.  It is not just a glorified business card!

Why advertise? What’s the point?
You can have the most fantastic product or service but unfortunately, without advertising, no one may know you exist.  So why is it that you can advertise once or repeatedly but still achieve little result? The trouble with a lot of advertising is that it so often misses the target.

What makes a great advertisement?
It’ s really hard to make a point of differentiation with your product or service in today’s very competitive markets.  Advertising provides an opportunity to let people know what you’re made of and why they should choose you for their products or services.  An advertisement should excite the reader into action whether it’s to buy a banana or a luxury car.  To do this, you need to stand out through a great advertisement:
It has to have an objective.
It has to be noticed.
It has to talk to its target audience.
It has to give correct information.
It has to make the reader act.

What makes a great advertisement?
A great advertisement stands out because:
It  often has a compelling headline.
It often has a compelling photograph(s) or graphic(s).
It talks directly to the target client or customer not to some vague audience.
All copy and information is clear, concise and correct.
It often has a call to act immediately with concise instructions.
It looks professional, like you care about your business.
Without advertising  your company’s business is likely to be limited.  A poorly designed advertisement will reflect on your business so that you too may appear ‘amateur’.  Worse still, it may simply be a complete waste of money and achieve no result or even turn potential customers away from you.
At EYEDEAS®, Yvette creates advertisements  from concept to ‘in-print’ that jump out from the page  whether  you need a simple advertisement for the Yellow Pages, a full page in a newspaper, a ‘hot sale’ advertisement or a gorgeous glossy magazine advert.  Whether you advertise in a booklet, with a banner or on a billboard Yvette loves to see clients succeed and great advertising is one way EYEDEAS®  can help you achieve this.

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